It’s no secret that the art of seduction, not to mention the art of love, is tough and that most anyone can use all the help that he or she can get. Finally, the one and only astrosexologist of Jane and Playgirl magazine, Kiki T., reveals all her stargazing secrets in The Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook. Here are delicious tidbits of libinous information on how to nail your man, according to his astrological makeup. This ultimate guide unmasks each sign’s love/lust modus operandi–the good, bad, and shockingly ugly–and teaches you how to make it work for you. Discover how to:
  • Spot any sign and its mating rituals; learn what your guy is good for–in and out of the boudoir
  • Cook up the perfect plan of seduction to make any sign fall for you
  • Get the best sex out of your man and make him feel hot, hot, hot!
  • Win the trust of your favorite lover and get the upper hand
  • Dump him with minimal scarring when he becomes a pain
  • Get the love life you’ve always dreamed of but only wished up the stars for!

  • About the Author:

    Kiki T. started studying astology precociously at the age of eleven, incited by a prepubescent lust. Her columns in Jane and Playgirl reach over one million readers. This is her second book. Her first, of which she was coeditor, is Angst: Teen Verses from the Edge. She lives in New York City.

    What's Inside

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