The Mission of a Lifetime

Lessons from the Men Who Went to the Moon

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Apr 2, 2019

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Award-winning former investigative reporter Basil Hero chronicles the life lessons humanity can learn from the twelve remaining Apollo astronauts who went to the Moon.

In rare in-depth interviews, the twelve remaining lunar explorers, for the first time, talk at length about the real right stuff; the true source of courage, leadership, and the quiet patriotism that it took to risk their lives going to the moon. Hero begins each chapter with key life lessons that readers can gain from these honorable men whom he calls the Eagles. He describes how they mastered their emotions and learned to conquer their fears through techniques that can be used from the classroom to the boardroom.

More importantly their voyages to the Moon led them to the most incredible discovery of all: our home planet and its precious place in the universe. They fear for Earth’s future and offer sensible solutions to its mounting crises and the path to future space exploration.

In The Mission Of A Lifetime, the Eagles share their wisdom and urge us to reframe our view of Earth to theirs: no identifiable nations, borders, or races; just Earthlings working together as a collective civilization.

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"A powerful reminder from the men who went to the moon about the timeless values of duty, honor, country, and moral courage. Basil Hero has captured rare portraits of the remaining lunar explorers who offer provocative insights into the future of our home planet."—George Stephanopoulos, ABC News
"A phenomenal portrait of humankind's precious and endangered incubator and of the dedicated, courageous and soulful lunar explorers who created that portrait. A must read for all Earthlings."—William E. Burrows, Aerospace historian and author of This New Ocean.
"The astronauts' humility, leadership, and belief in the common good shine through this lucid portrait, an inspiring book for any earthling."—--Publishers Weekly
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