From the New York Times bestselling author of Bitcoin Billionaires, a commercial thriller that connects the Gardner Museum heist with a tantalizing alternate history of New England's founding fathers, and introduces a woman with a dark past who's stumbled upon the most fascinating secret in American history.

MIT student Hailey Gordon is looking to make some fast cash, but when she's caught card counting at the Blackjack table, she grabs her winnings and makes her escape. Unable to reach her room before casino security can find her, she quickly hides in an unlocked room . . . only to find a dead body.

THE EX‑CON: Recently released from prison, Nick Patterson hasn't felt hope in a long time, but the theft job he "inherited" in prison promises to change that. Determined to improve his life, while evading another stint in prison, he enters hotel room 633 to find his fence dead and a terrified Hailey.

THE PROFESSOR: American History professor Adrian Jensen learns of the death of his professional nemesis, Charles Walker, the night after he received Walker's latest research. At first skeptical of his now‑deceased rival's absurd claims, Adrian nearly deletes the file. But when one small, new detail catches his eye, he makes it his mission to uncover what could be one of the biggest secrets of the Revolutionary War.

All three strangers find themselves on the cusp of an incredible discovery—one that someone is willing to kill to keep secret.

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