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Cameron Esposito Book Tour

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    Meet Cameron Esposito (Los Angeles, CA)

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    Meet Cameron Esposito (Chicago, IL)

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    Meet Cameron Esposito (Seattle, WA)


Meet The Author: Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito is a Los Angeles-based comic, actor, and writer. Cameron’s career has spanned everything from big-budget films to Sundance indies to animation. She costarred in and cocreated the much-lauded Take My Wife, now on Starz, has written for the New York Times, and has appeared as herself on TV, podcasts, and web series alike. Cameron hosts a popular interview podcast, Queery with Cameron Esposito, and her recent hit comedy special, Rape Jokes, raised almost $100,000 for rape crisis intervention.

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Reader Reviews


"Cameron's humor is hope. Her quick wit is both a balm and a guide for anyone who has ever stepped out blithely into a world of doers trying to force themselves closed upon us. This book is about survival and love and laughter. I loved it."—Jacqueline Woodson, #1 New York Times bestselling author and actual literary genius
"Cameron is as hilarious and honest in these pages as she is on the stage. Because our stories are so similar, her hard-won wisdom and brilliant humor have helped me heal. Save Yourself is a gift that will help every person who reads it become braver, bolder, and more comfortable in their own perfect skin."— Abby Wambach, author of #1 New York Times bestseller Wolfpack and Olympic soccer star who Cameron believes she's the same size as
"If you haven't seen Cameron Esposito perform comedy, you should be sad, because she's so so so funny, so full of insight, courage, and just plain VERVE. Luckily she invented the written word (or would have if someone hadn't already--she's just that unstoppable) and now you can carry her voice and story and full-throated insistence on living in truth right along with you, every day. And now you can be happy. Finally."—John Hodgman, author of New York Times bestseller Vacationland, plus a very funny man
"It can't be understated how necessary a book like Save Yourself is. . . I think everyone would benefit from reading this book, but most of all I hope Save Yourself finds its way into the hands of every queer person longing for stories like their own."—Tegan Quin, musician, inventor of most lesbian haircuts, and coauthor of High School
"Cameron Esposito is just as fierce and funny and frank on the page as she is out loud. And she's only begun to tell her story."—Paul F. Tompkins, comedian and fairly elected president of podcasting
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Save Yourself

Save Yourself

An aspiring priest, closeted lesbian, and future stand-up comedian walks into a bar…

It’s Cameron Esposito and she-weighed down by Catholic guilt-immediately topples over. But like any scrappy protagonist with all the odds (and the Pope) stacked against them, she’s able to pick herself up.

Now she would like to tell the whole queer as hell story. Her story. Not the sidebar to a straight person’s rebirth-she doesn’t give a makeover or plan a wedding or get a couple back together. This isn’t a queer tragedy. She doesn’t die at the end of this book, having finally decided to kiss the girl. It’s the sexy, honest, bumpy, and triumphant dyke’s tale her younger, wasn’t-allowed-to-watch-Ellen self needed to read. Because there was a long time when she thought she wouldn’t make it. Not as a comic, but as a human.

SAVE YOURSELF is full of funny and insightful recollections about everything from coming out (at a Catholic college where sexual orientation wasn’t in the nondiscrimination policy) to how joining the circus can help you become a better comic (so much nudity) to accepting yourself for who you are-even if you’re, say, a bowl cut-sporting, bespectacled, gender-nonconforming child with an eye patch (which Cameron was). Packed with heart, humor, and cringeworthy stories anyone who has gone through puberty, fallen in love, started a career, or had period sex in Rome can relate to, Cameron’s memoir is for that timid, fenced-in kid in all of us-and the fearless stand-up yearning to break free.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Lgbt

On Sale: March 24th 2020

Price: $27 / $34 (CAD)

Page Count: 240

ISBN-13: 9781455591435