Generation Debt

Take Control of Your Money--A How-to Guide

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With debt and the cost of living rising astronomically, Generation Debt offers the personal financial advice that every young adult must have to live a more secure life.

There is a growing financial epidemic — young adults are taking on more student loan and consumer debt than ever before, but finding it harder to pay it off. With tuition and living expenses rising every year, and the average college student graduating with over $18,000 in debt, many are trapped and can’t find a way out.

Now, this definitive book offers the financial advice necessary to help readers navigate their way toward a debt-free future. Informative, timely, and entertaining, Generation Debt teaches readers how to:
  • Get a grip, set goals, and make financial plans by identifying
  • needs vs. wants
  • Employ the “B” word (Budget) to lower bills
  • Master loans with payback options and consolidation strategies
  • Learn good debt vs. bad debt and be smarter with credit cards
  • Understand interest rates and fees, and shop for the best rates and services
  • Take advantage of employee savings plans, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  • And much more.

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