Feating Donald E. Westlake’s hapless hero, John Dortmunder, this original compilation of short stories ties in to Westlake’s latest Dortmunder hardcover, The Road to Ruin.

It’s all Dortmunder, all the time, in this long-awaited collection representing one of the finest achievements in crime fiction. Chosen from hundreds of stories and decades of work, this is the first time that Westlake has offered a compilation of his short form Dortmunder adventures, including “Ask a Silly Question,” “Horse Laugh,” “Too Many Crooks,” “A Midsummer’s Daydream,” “The Dortmunder Workout,” “Party Animal,” “Give ‘Til It Hurts,” “Jumble Sale,” “Now What?,” “Art and Craft,” and “Fugue for Felons.” Hailed as classics all, THIEVES’ DOZEN will surely delight Westlake’s ravenous fans.

What's Inside

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