From the bestselling author of The Edge of Town comes a novel about the Prohibition era and a young girl who must choose between a bootlegging father and the lawman on his trail.

Anabel Lee and her father have made a middle-of-the-night move from their former home to a remote hilltop house in Missouri. Anabel is glad that she was able to finish high school before the move, but has resigned herself to the fact that her father’s bootlegging business has made them nomads and left her with a life of loneliness.

So when a young boy named Jack Jones comes to the door, hungry and looking for work, Anabel eagerly invites him in. And Anabel’s father quickly recruits him for his operation. Meanwhile, Jack’s older sister is looking for her runaway brother and begs law officer Corbin Appleby to find him. Corbin does so easily, but he also stumbles across the rumrunners-and Anabel, who attracts him immediately. What’s an honest lawman to do?

What's Inside

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The Jones Family Series