Binge Breaker!(TM)

Stop Out-of-Control Eating and Lose Weight

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Nov 1, 1999

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Binge eating, eating more food than feels comfortable, is a problem for more than half of all overweight Americans. Binge eating is not bulimia, and while many do it — over the sink, late at night, or in front of the refrigerator — yo-yo dieters are especially susceptible. Renowned diet expert Dr. Peter M. Miller reveals the proven six-step program that has already helped thousands of dieters conquer binge eating and lose weight permanently. Readers will discover:
— The psychological and biological reasons for binging
— Ways to eliminate the “all-or-nothing” syndrome
— How to eat “forbidden” foods in moderation
— Breakthrough techniques of “mindfulness” — the key to overcoming binge eating permanently
— Behavior strategies, eating plans, and a moderate exercise program

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