Tough Transitions

Navigating Your Way Through Difficult Times

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Jun 9, 2008

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In her highly acclaimed previous work Seven Choices, Dr. Neeld helped thousands deal with mourning and loss. Now, with Tough Transitions, she teaches us how to take on challenges of all kinds . . . and offers a new path that leads to happiness and growth.

Life is constantly handing us opportunities, challenges, and changes: a new baby, retirement, a new job, new stepchildren or in-laws, a move to a new community.

Using a life-map created exclusively for this book that, at a glance, shows the unfamiliar territory ahead, she guides us through the four R’s, the nuances of every transition: Responding, Reviewing, Reorganizing, and Renewing.

Then, blending the latest scientific research, real-life stories, and the wisdom of many traditions, she reveals what experiences you’re likely to encounter and what positive actions you can take to move forward.

  • What issues you’re likely to face with different kinds of change
  • How your body, mind, and emotions are affected by transition
  • New thinking and new behaviors that can transform your life
  • The difference between surviving and thriving — and the secrets that will make you a thriver.

Facing the unknown can be scary. But Tough Transitions comforts and inspires-and illuminates the path ahead.

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