It's a Wonderful Lie

26 Truths About Life in Your Twenties

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The Bitch in the House meets Quarterlife Crisis in this sassy, smart, and honest collection, which includes 26 original essays about life as a 20-something female.

With essays titled “Homesick for the Place You’ve Never Been,” “A Letter to My Crappy One Bedroom,” “Breaking up (with Mastercard) is Hard to Do,” and “Hired, Fired, and What I Wore,” IT’S A WONDERFUL LIE takes a provocative look at what women are making of their 20-something selves.

Remarkable female writers, including Anna Maxted, Melissa Senate, and Beth Lisick, among others, share their experiences as they explore everything from their first jobs, loves, and losses, to the perils of uncontrolled debt and the pain of making new friends. Amusing, moving, and empowering, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIE is a must read for every woman in her 20s, and those who have learned, loved, and lived through them. At last, an anthology that considers what one should and should not expect from what she’s been led to believe are the best years of her life.

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