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Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That

Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That

A Modern Guide to Manners

“Razory-wicked, fun…each of [Alford’s] stories are like those ‘tiny acts of grace’ brightening your day.” – Kirkus Reviews

Everyone knows bad manners when we see them. But what do good manners look like in our day and age? Troubled by the absence of good manners in his day-to-day life-by the people who clip their toenails on the subway, Henry Alford embarks on a journey to find out how things might look if people were on their best behavior a tad more often. He travels to Japan to observe its culture of collective politesse. He interviews etiquette experts both likely (Judith Martin, Tim Gunn) and unlikely (a former prisoner, an army sergeant). He plays a game called Touch the Waiter. And he volunteers himself as a tour guide to foreigners visiting New York City in order to do ground-level reconnaissance on cultural manners divides.

In this illuminating and seriously entertaining book, Alford tackles the etiquette questions specific to our age-such as:
  • Why shouldn’t you ask a cab driver where’s he’s from?
  • Why is posting baby pictures on Facebook a fraught activity?
  • What’s the problem with “No problem”?
WOULD IT KILL YOU TO STOP DOING THAT is a wry and warm way into a subject that has sometimes been seen as pedantic or elitist, and an accessible guide on how we can simply treat each other better.

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Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Self-help / Communication & Social Skills

On Sale: January 3rd 2012

Price: $7.99 / $9.99 (CAD)

Page Count: 256

ISBN-13: 9780446576048

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"Is it a breach of good manners to mislead folks just a little if you are going to show them a good time? The question arises after a brisk and happy trot through Henry Alford's new book, WOULD IT KILL YOU TO STOP DOING THAT?..Lively."—The New York Times
"Investigative humorist Henry Alford explores the illusive art of behaving well... Alford is a charming writer, who seems able to spin delightful stuff from whatever straw he happens to stumble across, and his rumination on good behavior is no exception."—
"[His] self-deprecating wit recalls earlier generations of gentlemanly humor writers... Alford offers a...nearly always charming account of his own confusion about how to act."—The Boston Review
"Alford is a razory-wicked, fun guy to be around, and each of his stories are like those 'tiny acts of grace' brightening your day."—Kirkus
"Mr. Manners Henry Alford explains how-and why-to behave. WOULD IT KILL YOU TO STOP DOING THAT? amuses as it informs."—The New York Times Book Review
"[Alford] describes life as a cosmic Wikipedia, in which each of us through our actions is redefining and expanding the categories to which we belong. The book alternates between these idiosyncratic digressions and actual commentary on modern manners...consistently fun."—Newsday
"Extremely entertaining....Whatever the ideals may be, most of us can agree decent manners are a good idea. Thanks to this handbook, we stand a better chance of complying."—Bookpage
"Even the best behaved among us would benefit from a close reading of investigative humorist Henry Alford's brilliant primer on gracious living, Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That?"—Vanity Fair
"In today's world of social climbers, inconsiderate shoppers, cell phone yappers and the ever-evolving social media, Alford has taken it upon himself to get to the root of just what good manners really means in 2012. His flair for adding jovial wit to the proceedings offered is evident in every chapter. He has a natural, informative and clever writing talent....All in all, Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That? A Modern Guide to Manners provides a reference point from which to learn, a sympathetic voice of reason and an everyday guide for almost any social situation you could possibly imagine."—The Edge
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