This compelling page-turner is the first novel in a new series about a romantic buy highly neurotic ghostwriter whose new assignment is a ticket to mayhem and murder.

Writer Lee Bartholomew spends more time dwelling on the terrifying possibility of her own grisly murder than on solving anyone else’s.Yet she insists upon living alone in a gigantic London house, banishing her boyfriend Tommy-who is eager to marry her-while she quakes in terror at the thought of the rampant crime erupting just at the other side of her front door. The situation gets worse when someone begins setting fire to houses in Lee’s Notting Hill neighborhood. As Lee embarks on a new job to ghostwrite the autobiography of soap star Selma Walker, she finds herself catapulted into the center of the arson investigation-and into the arms of a dangerous new lover. Now, she must discover who is setting these mysterious fires, learn the truth about Selma-and give Tommy an answer to his marriage proposal-before she can return to her quiet life.

What's Inside

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