A warm, friendly guide to getting through breast cancer treatment with your sanity intact, from someone who’s been there. Breast cancer is one of the greatest challenges life can hand us. But Jami Bernard lets readers in on a secret: You can do it. A breast cancer veteran herself, Jami shares how chemotherapy and radiation—as difficult as they are—can simply be roads on a journey to recovery. And she offers tips and insights that are sure to help along the way. In this upbeat guide, Jami, film critic for the New York Daily News, looks back on her time in “Cancer World” with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Now she’s the best girlfriend anyone facing cancer could have, one who gives down-to-earth advice, hilarious truths, and wonderful emotional support. Readers will discover:
  • How to deal with unexpected emotional ups and downs, including manic moods and nonstop worrying
  • How to handle losing your hair without losing your self-esteem
  • What to eat during chemo, including foods that stop nausea
  • And more.

What's Inside

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