Deliciously retro, beautifully funny, and completely practical, this is an updated edition of the lighthearted cookbook that made waves in the ’60s.

From the basics of a posh picnic to recipes guaranteed to snare his heart, SAUCEPANS & THE SINGLE GIRL is the ideal kitchen guide for today’s bachelorette. Originally published in 1965, this hip guide to living––and cooking––single artfully straddles the line between timeless and outdated. Maintaining the book’s irresistibly retro appeal, this new edition features the original text with a new introduction and footnotes with important (and often comical) historical updates. Like a classic Lily Pulitzer dress brought out again, SAUCEPANS & THE SINGLE GIRL is a retro gem that will have women everywhere wondering why it’s been packed away all this time!

What's Inside

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