John Ridley, author of Love is a Racket, delivers an action-filled novel about a female cop facing off against strangely powerful enemies in a near-future Los Angeles.

In the near future, the world has become home to certain people with amazing genetic structures—giving them powers that make them frighteningly superior to normal humans. The Night Watchman was the first. Somewhere in San Francisco, he was out there—stopping a bank robbery, saving a kid from a runaway truck, whatever was needed. More “superheroes” followed,
though nobody called them that—but then came the bad ones, those who took pleasure in using their powers for ill. In response came the M-Tac squads: cops specially trained to fight these super-lethal enemies. Not a typical comic book superhero novel, John Ridley introduces a brave new world of heroes and villains, and shows that there’s no such thing as a Good Guy or a Bad Guy.

What's Inside

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