Animal House meets Liar’s Poker in this hysterically funny, often unbelievable, and absolutely, positively true account of life at DLJ, one of the hottest investment banks on Wall Street.

“Like most other young business school graduates, John Rolfe and Peter Troob thought that life in a major investment banking firm would make their wildest dreams come true — it would be fast-paced, intellectually challenging, glamorous, and, best of all, lucrative.

They were in for a surprise. For behind the walls of Wall Street’s firms lies a stratum of stunted, overworked, abused, and in the end, very well-compensated, but very frustrated men and women. Monkey Business takes readers behind the scenes at Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette (DLJ), one of Wall Street’s hottest firms of the 90s, from the interview process to the courting of clients to bonus time. It’s a glimpse of a side of the business the financial periodicals don’t talk about — 20-hour work days, trips across the country where associates do nothing except carry the pitch book, strip clubs at night, inflated salaries, and high-powered, unforgettable personalities.

Monkey Business provides readers with a first-class education in the real life of an investment banker. But best of all, it is an extremely funny read about two young men who, on their way towards achieving the American dream, quickly realized they were selling their souls to get there.”

What's Inside

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