When best friends Kate Klimo and Buffy Shutt turned 50, these successful women (best friends since their first day of college) realized that, like it or not, a few things were about to change. Their kids were leaving the nest, but their elderly parents now needed them more than ever? They were saving as much as they could, but were they really going to be prepared for retirement one day? They tried to eat right and exercise, but were they doing everything they could to stay healthy?

This book is that Boomer Bible. From hot flashes to healthy living, from ailing parents to clinging kids, from reinventing your career to reinvigorating your relationships? Coming of Age is the comprehensive midlife guide readers have been looking for. Topics covered include: keeping fit, dealing with your aging parents, parenting your growing kids, maintaining your important relationships, and determining how you want to spend the next chapter of your life. Kate and Buffy have asked the experts, found the answers, and collected all the best information here to help you prepare for anything that life after 50 might throw at you.

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