Two well-respected management experts deliver an authoritative manual that provides valuable insights for turning conflicts in the workplace into productive working relationships.

The toughest part of any job is dealing with the people around you. Scratch the surface of any company and uncover a hotbed of emotions—people feeling anxious about performance, angry at co-workers, and misunderstood by management. Now, in WORKING WITH YOU IS KILLING ME, readers learn how to “unhook” from these emotional pitfalls and gain valuable strategies for confronting workplace conflicts in a healthy, productive way. They’ll discover how to:
  • Manage an ill-tempered boss before he or she explodes
  • Defend themselves against idea-pilfering rivals before they steal all the credit
  • Detach from those annoying co-workers whose irritating habits ruin the day
  • And much, much more.

What's Inside

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