Overworked, overextended, and guilty over the lack of time they spend with their children, parents today have a greater potential to fall into the “wimpy” parenting pattern. Parenting is the toughest job there is. Whether the children are toddlers or teenagers, parents have to get it right. Packed with advice that often produces instant results, Kenneth N. Condrell describes step-by-step techniques to help get through the toughest child-rearing challenges and explains just how to become a truly good parent with kids who will listen and behave. “Wimpy Parents” will detail:
— How to teach a child manners — and make them stick
— How to put an end to talking back
— What to do when a toddler throws a tantrum
— Ways to stop bedtime problems
— Why teenagers need to reject parents, and how to let them do it (without being a wimp)
— And seven ways to raise a moral child.

Child psychologist Dr. Ken Condrell and Linda Lee Small offer comprehensive and sound advice on putting the parent back,in control of their children with understanding, compassion, and humor.

What's Inside

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