From the groundbreaking New York Times bestselling authors of Protein Power, a comprehensive blueprint for optimal health with new research and unexpected findings!

The pioneering, year-long New York Times bestseller Protein Power changed the way we think about food when it revealed how a carbohydrate-loaded diet—not one rich in protein—can cause obesity. In The Protein Power Lifeplan, its authors Michael R. and Mary Dan Eades expand their theory and eating program and offer an astonishing three-tiered nutrition plan, enabling readers to choose their level of commitment and effort. This evolutionary-based diet makes it easy for everyone—even die-hard junk-food addicts!—to reap the benefits of good health. Treat major health problems (including high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity) and change the way you live with:
  • A fat primer: how some fats can reduce heart disease
  • A look at sunlight: in a chapter sure to cause controversy, the Eades show why too little sun is unhealthy
  • Research on insulin resistance: why it's so important to detect, and how to avoid the weight problems this condition can cause
  • Crucial data on supplements: vitamin E, alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin C, magnesium, chromium, and coenzyme Q10
  • Important information on iron: why our bodies naturally conserve it and how to decrease iron buildup
…plus meal plans, recipes, kitchen stocking advice, and more.

What's Inside

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