Letters to Penthouse xxxi

Serving It Up Hot and Dirty

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780446537261

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ON SALE: May 1st 2008

Genre: Fiction / Fiction / Erotica


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Name a playful position, a kinky combination, or a sizzling scenario. At Letters to Penthouse, sex never gets old. And nothing is fresher-or hotter-than sex when it’s least expected. Whether with a coworker or a friend’s lover, a boss, a bartender, or even one’s own spouse, an unanticipated encounter can titillate your senses.

Whether it’s at the local drive-in or an island hideaway…in a public park or an exclusive hotel…at a pajama party or in the hot tub, lovers find the raunchy in the most astonishing and random places. Are you ready for these sexy surprises?