Eat bread and cheese, drink wine-and lose weight!The secret lies in an ancient mathematical formula now transformed into… The Diet Code as a master baker and craftsman, Stephen Lanzalotta had been applying the mathematical principles of the Golden Ratio for more than twenty years. His realization that this ancient, universal formula, used by Da Vinci and other great geniuses of the Renaissance, also held the secret to optimal nutrition and health led him to apply it to his own diet and the menu at his popular cafe.

The weight loss and sense of well-being that he and his customers experienced convinced him that he had cracked the diet code, discovering a simple, natural, and nutritious approach to healthy eating that is as easy as 1, 2, 3. His revolutionary Mediterranean-style eating program uses the Golden Ratio to link the proper proportions of everyday foods to boost metabolism and spark weight loss. Combining a three-phase eating program with detailed menu plans, mouthwatering recipes, Renaissance lore, and Italian-inspired lifestyle advice, The Diet Code is a unique health and weight loss program from the ages for the ages.

In it readers will:

Crack the diet code-discover how the Golden Ratio can work for you to boost metabolism and maximize nutrition and weight loss
Forget about the math-it’s all done for you, and the net result is deliciously simple: 1 part grain carbohydrate, 2 parts protein, 3 parts vegetables at every meal
Enjoy bread again! It really is the staff of life-as long as you eat it along with the right amount of fat or protein
Experience natural weight control-choose and properly prepare healthful, readily available foods as they did during the Renaissance.

The Diet Code is a unique approach to eating well based on a mathematical phenomenon that’s been around for centuries but has never before been applied to diet. Now prepare to lose weight and get healthy by asking yourself, “What would Da Vinci eat?”

What's Inside

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