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Suck Less

Suck Less

Where There's a Willam, There's a Way

Hilarious essays and tutorials all designed to make you a better you from one of the most popular drag queen comedians on YouTube — and the only contestant to ever get kicked off RuPaul’s Drag Race — with a foreword from Neil Patrick Harris.

The only lie told more often than “No, that looks totally cute on you” and “I got AIDS through oral” is “It gets better.” Well, a lotta times it don’t. Sometimes it just sucks less. But I promise you: where there’s a Willam, there’s a way.

But this isn’t all about me (for once). It’s about you and how you can SUCK LESS at a variety of things drag queens are so much better at than the average person. I’ve got clap backs and life hacks and tips on classing up a simple grab-and-run lifting spree to the much more dignified act of larceny. Super-important life stuff with my own special, secret fag- swag sauce. So welcome to Willam’s School of Bitchcraft and Wiggotry. Class is in session.
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Genre: Fiction / Humor

On Sale: October 18th 2016

Price: $19.99 / $25.99 (CAD)

Page Count: 240

ISBN-13: 9781455566198

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