Two teenagers named Zack and Travis were recently faced with a serious problem. Was it drugs? Alcohol? Violence in the classroom?

Not that simple. It was their parents.

So these two enterprising teens wrote this book — and created the single most useful (and most hysterically funny) handbook ever. It’s so simple and fun to use, any misguided parent (even you) can learn something. You won’t have to wade through a lot of do’s and don’ts. Just don’ts!
— DON’T wear tight pants!
— DON’T ever come in our bedrooms!
— DON’T ask any questions after a party!
— DON’T talk to the movie screen — the actors can’t hear you!
— DON’T laugh at your own jokes!
— DON’T call us by your pet nicknames when our friends are around!

What's Inside

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